ITRI is the driver of technological innovation for Taiwan’s electronics
industry and aglobal leader in the field. Silicon Valley creates a great
atmosphere for technology enterprises to innovate,Wangsaid.

As for the future, I hope that our university continues to thrive and
forge the minds of the future. I wish that our fine teaching staff work
in good health…and as for us graduates, go out and find your place in
the world and do your parents, your parents and more importantly do
yourself proud!

Q: What kind of school president do you want your students to see you


The university has been tapping into an increasing number of resources
to help support its global drive.


“I hope my students become members of society with positive attitudes
and areself­moti­vated to acquire knowledge.”


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hope they not only learn from the books in school, but also get to know
about their social responsibility.


A:Xi’an Jiaoda is one of China’s best universities. As it is located in
the western region, which has not developed as fast as the eastern
region, I want our school to take much more responsibility in the
economic and social development of western China.


“Xi’an Jiaoda is a first­class universityinChina,and I think a
first­class university should make greater contributions to the country.
We want to be aworld first-­class university,” Wang said.


Foreign students find success

During our time at Xi’an Jiaotong University we have experienced stress
to the point that we may have thought of giving up. But in this moment,
as we prepare to take the first steps in the next stage of lives, I,
like you, am joyful but there is also an unconcealable surge of
reluctance. We are grudgingly leave our school that has been so tolerant
of our wants and needs, grudgingly leave our school that has taken care
of us, grudgingly leave our school that has cultivated our minds. I
would like to thank our university, for it is here that we have learnt
to temper ourselves and overcome adversity, excel oneself, and to
challenge one’s limits. Here we have learnt more about ourselves and
this will enable us to pursue our dreams in a manner that we see fit,
wherever they may bring us.

Xi’an Jiaoda president wants latest Project to help social development


Wang, 56, is a professor and PhD supervisor. He was president of the
Harbin Institute of Technology before taking up his post in Xi’an in
April,when he brought his novel ideas and concepts of developing Xi’an
Jiaotong University, known as Xi’an Jiaoda, into one of China’stop 20


In 2005, the Ministry of Education introduced quality control standard
for foreign medical students. Xi’an Jiaoda started to follow this rule
to train students from 2007.


Xi’an Jiaoda has worked closely with 135 world-famous universities,
including Harvard,Cambridge, MIT, Stanford,UC Berkeley, Hong Kong
UniversityofScience andTechnology,and Politecnico di Milano in joint
research and training ofdoubledegrees, student exchanges and young
teachers. The depth and breadthof various international exchanges and
cooperation have improved significantly.


Since 2009, Xi’an Jiaoda has sponsored nine new international academic
journals, seven of which were founded by the school and two have become
major source journals. Xi’an Jiaoda’s impact on academic journals has
significantly increased to help its comprehensive advantages and
international influence in the fields of energy, electronics,
medicine,mathematics and law.


Many foreign students enjoy living in Xi’an Jiaotong University in
Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province, and have made great progress in
their studies.


The university has a history of nearly 120 years.It has eight
national­level disciplines, five national key laboratories, three
national engineering research centers and 58 provincial and
ministry­level key scientific research institutions,which have produced
a large number of research achievements.

So, here we are. Sometime between two and however many years it took, we
are leaving university and our time as students at our university has
flown by. When we first entered through the gates of our University we
were but students still largely ignorant of many things in life, yet we
had a thirst for knowledge and a desire to further our knowledge and
now, as we graduate we have become somewhat accomplished people. I am
sure that each one of us has had a unique experience that has been full
of both joy and heartache over these past years and it is these emotions
that have given us unforgettable memories in our wonderful university.
Our experiences at Xi’an Jiaotong University, good or bad will forever
be our motivation during the pursuit of our dreams in years to come.

“I have been paying great attention to the promotion of science and
technology for social development,and I want our town to be a pioneerin
the cooperation between industry and university research.”


“We tied the park with western China instead of just Xi’an Jiaoda
because we wanted it to act as a hub for social resources to promote
regional development,”Wang said.

硕3017班 闫泽群



Since 2009, Xi’an Jiaoda has established 11 joint research centers with
foreign universities,hostedmajor international conferences 109 times,
and forged 38 new university-level partners and 47 new college-level
partners. It also sent more than 5,000 teachers and students abroad to
participat in international conferences.


“We call it a town because we’re designing it as part of society; our
teachers and students are its residents,” Wang said.


A: I love my students and I want them to see me as their elder brother
and close friend.

I am sure that we have all had an amazing time at Xi’an Jiaotong. It has
been a time brimming with achievements and perhaps a few regrets. Life
as a foreign student at Jiaotong University has been just a rich and
memorable. The rapid growth of China’s economy has resulted in a notable
increase of foreign students at our university. When each one of us
embarked on that long journey into the unknown when we came to China we
each came with different goals and aspirations, but we all leave with a
single sentiment, gratitude; gratitude to our university. Xi’an is a
city with a long and proud history of accepting people from all over the
world, people of different nationality and faith. I, as are my fellow
foreign students, am proud that Xi’an Jiaotong University has continued
this fine tradition and opened not only the school gates to us, but
embraced us. On behalf of all the foreign students at Xi’an Jiaotong
University I would like to thank our University, thank you for accepting
us into the Xi’an Jiaotong University family.

The Western China Innovation Park of Science and Technology project is
set to be built in Xixian New Area, a national­level urban development
zone between Xi’an and neighboring Xianyang, with the four functional
blocks of research, education, scientific and technological progress.




When I graduated from school, I remembered these words and I repeated
them many times.These words have been inspiring me and I think these
words will benefit the graduates all their life.


He also wanted to build the new part of his school as a town because he
knew that many successful foreign universities such as Cambridge,Oxford
and Yale similarly integrate their campuses with society.


Innovation park to grow with society

留学生代表 马丁

As one of the major national universities, Xi’an Jiaoda has important
strategic positions in western China for regional development,Wang said.


Xi’an Jiaoda’s foreignstudent education started as early as 1995 and the
institute was established in 2006,receiving 12,419 foreign students till
now. The school is responsible for the academic affairs of all foreign
students,including formulating and supervising the policies,student
recruitment, immigration and logistics, students’ daily life
affairs,coordination of students academic work, undergraduate students
programs of Chinese language teaching and academic development.Xi’an
Jiaoda’s medical education for foreign students,which began in 1995,made
the school wellknown.It began all-English medical education to foreign
students in regular college courses in 1995 and started to give
all-English classes to graduate students in 2000.

In 1956, the State Council decided to move the school from Shanghai to
Xi’an, in line with national economic development strategic needs. The
school should now play an important role in the country’s new
development strategy, Wang said.

Early this year, Xi’anJiaoda set up a collaborative innovation center
with help from the Ministry of Commerce to aid the Silk Road Economic
Development Belt, a strategic concept proposed by President Xi Jinping
in September 2013 to promote the common development of the countries
along the ancient Silk Road, a trade channel established more than 2,000
years ago that linked China and Central Asia as well as Europe, with
Xi’an, then known as Chang’an, as its starting point.

From 2011, the university launched a special scholarship for graduate
student education with English in school of management,school of
electrical engineering,telecommunication institute, dynamic college and
school of mechanical engineering, in order to cultivate international
expertise in the relevant fields.


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